Tuesday, 3 October 2017

October News

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Welcome to October!

We have some fun and exciting activities and events coming up this month.

Image result for Read TheoryI have sent home Read Theory parent letters.  Students are welcome to log-in and use the reading program both at home and at school (when they have some extra time).  It is a great program which accurately places and tracks your child's reading levels.  I will be checking in to track their progress!
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We continue our Read Aloud "Wonder".  The students have been reflecting and making connections throughout.  They are also making predictions about the characters and what they think will happen later in the story.  We continue to discuss being kind to each other, which is so evident in the story.

Image result for Reading BuddiesOur class has paired up with a Grade One class for book buddies.  We will be visiting them each Tuesday afternoon for a little story time.  It is wonderful to see our Grade 4's taking on the roles of teachers and role models to the younger students.

We have received our first set of pen pal letters from our Grade 4 friends at Holy Spirit School in Stittsville.  The students were so excited to read them and after a lesson on letter writing, they went straight to work on their response letters!  We hope to continue this through the year and eventually see each other using Google Hangouts and maybe even in person!
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Our class will be starting Procedural Writing soon.  We will be writing about how to create a "Witches' Brew"!  Students will be thinking about different parts of speech (adjectives, nouns, adverbs, verbs etc.) to create the perfect witches' brew.


In Math, we have been working on concepts surrounding Place Value.  Students have been using base ten materials (ones, tens, hundreds, thousands), and number lines to assist with understanding.  We have finished rounding numbers to the nearest 10, 100 and 1000.  Students have enjoyed playing rounding games both online (Prodigy) and with groups of students (board games).  A review will be sent home and our first Math Test will be Tuesday, October 10th.  Please spend a little time over the long weekend (between your turkey and pumpkin pie) to take a look at the review and help your child if needed.  This is merely a review for your child's benefit.  It will not be assessed.
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Our next unit of study will be Addition and Subtraction of two-digit numbers.

*P.D. Day October 6 - NO SCHOOL! *Library days for English will be every Friday. (We will try to go on Thursdays is there is a P.D. day or Holiday on Friday)  Please bring in your books either before, or the day of.
*Reading buddies are on Tuesdays.
*If your child has their own Chromebook, please make sure they have a protective case for it.  It would be a shame if a Chromebook was dropped on the floor and broken. It does happen, unfortunately.  Remember, your child is responsible for their own device.

As always, please do not hesitate to contact me by writing a note in your child's agenda or call the school.  I will get back to you as soon as possible.


Mrs. D'Souza

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